Hello Rexco friends, this time we will discuss tips on how to take care of motorbikes during the rainy season so as not to reduce the performance of our vehicles. Entering the rainy season, usually we as motorcyclists must prepare a lot of things both for us as riders and preparation for our vehicles. So, what are the tips for caring for your motorbike during the rainy season? Here are tips on caring for your motorbike during the rainy season:

1. Check Tire Pressure

Usually during the rainy season there are lots of puddles on the road and tend to be slippery and if the pull feels heavy, one of them is usually influenced by the less than optimal air pressure on the tires. Immediately inflate your tires if it happens in order to minimize any unwanted accidents.

2. Check the condition of the brake pads

During the rainy season, of course, motorized vehicles must experience problems, one of which is the brake lining. Usually after being exposed to rain the brake lining will swell and harden when it dries. It’s good after being exposed to water immediately to step on the brake pedal so that the brake pads dry quickly and this can also avoid the sound of the brakes that often squeak.

3. Check the Condition of the Motorcycle Chain

Checking the motorcycle chain is very important because it directly affects the performance of motorized vehicles because during the rainy season the chain is often exposed to acid rain water and automatically if not noticed the chain will quickly rust. The solution is to flush it first with plain water or you can spray Rexco anti-rust lubricant which is definitely guaranteed quality.

4. Diligently Washing Motorcycles

Why do you have to be diligent in washing your motorbike during the rainy season? Yes, of course, it is clear because rainwater that contains acids can damage the colors on the vehicle body, therefore the vehicle must be washed frequently after being exposed to rain water.

5. Check Muffler

If you live in an area that often floods, it’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s exhaust because often when the vehicle passes through a flooded road the water enters the exhaust which will certainly damage the vehicle’s engine. Immediately check to the nearest repair shop if this happens.

6. Clean the Air Filter

When it rains or floods, immediately clean or dry your air filter because if it is wet, the combustion in the engine combustion chamber will be disrupted.

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So, those are some tips from us to take care of all of your friends’ motorbikes when the rainy season comes. Hopefully these tips will help all of my friends in carrying out their daily activities during the rainy season. Don’t forget to also follow our social media accounts to get updates about our latest products and updates on other tips & tricks.