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Rexco is a product that can help you lubricate, clean and protect your tool or vehicle from rust. These specialty chemical products can be used by various industries, manufacturers and professionals, for your daily use. Rexco is proven to be able to overcome stubborn rust problems and can reach places that are difficult to clean. Rexco has also been proven to be an effective and efficient product because it has gone through extensive environmental testing. Rexco currently has six products, namely Rexco 50, Rexco 25, Rexco 18, Rexco 70, Rexco 81, and Rexco 20.


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Motor Injector Cleaner

Motor Injector Cleaner Rexco has a product that functions as a motor injector cleaner. If you have a motorcycle with a direct injection system fuel supply,

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Diesel Injector (Injector) Cleaner

Diesel Injector (Injector) Cleaner Diesel engine injector  cleaner  is a must-have product for car drivers. Because this product cleaner can help Rexco friends to clean the dirt in the

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Oil Cleaner For Stove

Oil Cleaner For Stove Oil cleaner for stoves is a must-have product for housewives because of its function that can clean  stoves  that are dirty by leftover

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