Hello Rexco friends, this time the admin will provide information about tips on caring for cars during the rainy season. Caring for a car during the rainy season is very important, especially if the road to Rexco’s friend’s residence is flooded, so the admin wants to share these tips so that they can be useful for Rexco friends who read this article. Here are the tips:

 1. Don’t Let the Rain Water Dry

 Rainwater is water that contains salt, therefore it is not good if the rainwater is left and dries for a long time in Rexco’s friend’s car because it can damage the car’s paint surface. Use a soft sponge and car wash soap to wash your Rexco friend’s car.

 2. Check Car Engine Components

 Try checking the electrical engine components because water can easily enter the engine components in the car through the slightest gap. So make sure there is no water that settles in the car engine to avoid breaking down when the vehicle is in use.

 3. Use Carpets To Prevent Mold

 During the rainy season, of course, if someone enters your Rexco friend’s car, the footwear used is definitely wet, so to prevent fungus, install a carpet in your car and avoid dirty car floors.

 4. Put the car in a closed garage

 To avoid rain splashes, it’s a good idea to store Rexco’s friend’s car in a closed garage to avoid rain water, especially after Rexco’s friend has finished washing the car to avoid getting dirty again by rain splashes.

On February 17, 2020 Rexco held an annual event, namely holding a free service event for motor vehicles and cars and in collaboration with ITS mechanical engineering students. This event was held in Surabaya, precisely at the Old Ngagel Ole-Ole Futsal Parking Field. The total number of vehicles serviced is around 300 vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

This program has been held for the 4th time every year. The types of services carried out include light service, spark plug changes, oil changes, emission tests etc. For this event, it was a bit interesting, because it was accompanied by a SIM renewal program, medical check-up, and safety riding.

According to Rexco’s marketing brand, Tomy, the purpose of holding this event is a form of Tekiro’s concern for the education sector and a form of program that supports the government and is a form of Tekiro’s concern for the community.

Hopefully in the following years this event can continue and be developed, Rexco friends. Don’t forget to follow our social media to always get updated information from us.