Electrical component lubricants have a function to clean electronic parts such as PCBs, car electrical panels, computers or dynamo coils. Rexco produces lubricants for electrical components, namely Rexco 18 Specialist Contact Cleaner. The function of this product is the same as other electrical component lubricant products, but Rexco 18 has several advantages compared to other products, namely:

1. Has 2x More Effective Clean Power

Rexco 18 is a product that has the advantage that it can clean electrical components with 2x cleaner power than other products, so this product is very helpful for users who have dirty electrical components and want to clean them quickly. Rexco 18 also does not conduct electricity so it is very safe for use which is used to clean electrical components.

2. Has the advantage of 2x Faster Evaporation

Another advantage and function is that Rexco 18 has 2x faster evaporation, which means that when sprayed this liquid will dry quickly on objects that are lubricated by this product and another advantage is that Rexco 18 also does not leave  residue  so it is very suitable for users . electronics that you want to clean the inside.

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Rexco 18 has 220 ml and 500 ml size variants. You can get this product in our official marketplace or e-commerce or you can visit shops that sell Rexco products. If you want to see other Rexco products you can see here. Don’t forget to follow our social media so that you are always updated about the products we share.