Lubricant / Multipurpose rust cleaning fluid is a liquid that is able to remove and can also prevent rust from forming on any metal that contains iron. Rust will appear and can accelerate the onset of corrosion so that maintenance of objects containing iron is necessary to prevent this from happening. Rexco has a rust cleaning fluid that has a quality that has been trusted by consumers which is often called Rexco 50 Multi Purpose Lubricant. So what makes Rexco’s rust cleaner the most effective than others? Here’s the explanation:

1. Can Penetrate 2x Faster Than Others

Rexco 50 has the advantage of being able to penetrate 2x faster than other products so that the rust removal process can be faster. By having these advantages Rexco 50 is very effective as a rust cleaning fluid.

2. 3x More Effective Lubrication

Rexco 50 has the advantage that it can lubricate 3x more effectively than other products, so its use for products made of metal or products containing iron is very effective.

3. Can Prevent Rust 3x Longer

With this advantage, it can prevent anti-rust 3x longer than others, so that Rexco 50 is very effective for treating objects that can cause rust to occur. By using this product, metal objects that are often rooted will be better maintained and more durable so that they will last longer.

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The Rexco 50 also has another function, which is to eliminate the creaking sound caused by friction, such as a creaking door or window. Then this rust cleaning fluid can also clean dirt such as oil, asphalt or dust that sticks to the vehicle. Rexco 50 is available in various sizes, namely 120 ml, 220 ml, 350 ml and 500 ml. You can get this product in   our official marketplace or e-commerce or you can come directly to shops that already sell Rexco. Don’t forget to also follow our social media to get updates about our products.