In this article, we will discuss the best anti-rust lubricants that are often used by many users in Indonesia. One of the best anti-rust lubricants is Rexco 50. Why is it called the best??. Here are some reasons:

1.  Protect metal from rust and corrosion

One of the reasons why we have to use this product is because it can protect metal materials from rust and corrosion so that items made of metal can last a long time because of the use of this product from Rexco 50.

 2.  Removing rusty nuts and bolts

Another advantage is that Rexco 50 can release rusty nuts or bolts with fast penetration capabilities so that it can help us when removing rusty nuts or bolts that are difficult to remove.

3.  Eliminate squeaks

In addition to the things mentioned above, the Rexco 50 can also eliminate the creaking sound due to friction, for example the creaking sound in doors, windows, cupboards or others just by spraying it.

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4.  Clean dirt, oil, asphalt or dust

The next thing is that Rexco 50 can clean dirt, oil, asphalt or dust in our goods or vehicles, such as asphalt that sticks to the car body or dust that sticks to the body of our vehicle so that it can come back clean by just spraying and wiping it. .

Some other advantages over other products are 

– Penetration 2x faster 

– 3x more effective lubrication 

– 3x longer anti-rust

So with the many advantages that have been mentioned above, Rexco 50 is highly trusted as the best all-purpose lubricant so that it is widely available among the general public. Rexco 50 is available in various sizes, there are 120 ml, 220 ml, 350 ml and 500 ml. You can get this product at the nearest stores or in our official marketplace and e-commerce. If you want to know about our other products, you can visit our website at