Contact Cleaner

Contact cleaner is a term for a chemical, or a mixture of chemicals, that serves to remove or prevent the buildup of oxides or other unwanted substances on the conductive surfaces of conductors, scalars and other electronic components by moving the contact surfaces, and thereby reducing the contact resistance encountered. . Rexco has a contact cleaner product called REXCO 18. So what are the advantages and functions of this Rexco 18 as a contact cleaner than other brands? Here are the functions and advantages of Rexco 18:

1. Cleaning electrical components

The main function of the Rexco 18 is to clean dirty electrical components, such as car electrical panels, PCB boards , computer components or dynamo coils. With the advantages of a capable function, this product is in great demand by the public who want to clean electrical components.

2. Leaves no residue & dries quickly

Another advantage is that this product does not leave a residue or dregs which is the deposition of a certain substance that undergoes concentration separation. Then this Rexco 18 when it is sprayed onto electrical components will dry quickly so users don’t have to worry about residual problems from this liquid.

3. Does not conduct electricity

In addition to those mentioned above, the advantage of this product is that it does not conduct electricity, therefore users can be assured of safety when using this product for cleaning electrical components.

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4. Inhibits corrosion

Then this product also has other advantages, namely it can inhibit the occurrence of corrosion that can occur in electrical components so that the quality of the electrical components that we have can be maintained.

Of the advantages that have been mentioned above, Rexco 18 has advantages compared to other brands, namely:

– Has 2x more effective cleaning power

– Evaporation is 2x faster than other brands.

So what are you waiting for, immediately have this Rexco 18 for your daily needs. If you want to find out other information related to Rexco, you can visit kamagra kvinnor our social media such as on Instagram or on Facebook. And if you want to get this product, you can visit our official marketplace or e-commerce.