Chain Lube

Chain lube is a special lubricant or liquid to clean dust and dirt on the motorcycle chain. Chain lube is not only able to clean dirt and dust but can also be used for motorcycle chains so that they don’t wear out quickly because the chain performance is very heavy which has to pull the load in order to transmit engine power to the wheels . One of Rexco’s products as the  best chain  lube is Rexco 25. So what makes this Rexco 25 the best chain lube? Here is the review: 

1.  Lubricates and slows down the chain erosion

One of the functions of this product is to lubricate and slow down the erosion of chains, such as motorcycle chains, bicycle chains or other chains so that the quality of the chains we have can be maintained.

2.  Extend chain and gear life

Besides being able to slow down the erosion of the chain, Rexco 25 can also extend the life of the chain and gears, so that the chain or gear that we have can be used for the long term.

3.  Maintain chain performance under high load

Furthermore, the advantage of this product is that it can maintain chain performance in high loads, so that the chain can be stable when getting high loads when traveling, in other words, this product can help increase chain performance.

4.  Protect the chain from rust

In addition to those mentioned above, Rexco 25 is able to protect the chain from rust, so that the chain can be guaranteed to last a long time when using this product. With the advantages that have been mentioned above, it is only natural that this product is so popular among motorcycle users and automotive lovers.

Well besides that Rexco 25 has advantages compared to other brands, namely: 

– 3x more effective lubrication

– Has 2x longer adhesion

– Anti dust and dirt 2x better than other brands.

Rexco  25 is available in sizes 120 ml and 350 ml. If you want to buy Rexco products, you can find them in the nearest stores or on our official marketplace and e-commerce. Don’t forget to follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook to get updates.