As the name implies, the carburetor cleaner is a cleaning lubricant for the carburetor which aims to clean the dirt in the engine carburetor. One of the best carburetor cleaner brands is from Rexco with the product name being Rexco 81. Rexco 81 is one of the brands owned by the Rexco brand. In addition to cleaning the carburetor, this Rexco 81 also functions to clean dirt, carbon, and varnish on the injectors. Equipped with anti-corrosion, this product can inhibit corrosion in the carburetor and in the injector so that the engine can continue to be maintained by using this product regularly. In addition, Rexco 81 can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, which means this product is very helpful in reducing the volume of gas emissions from existing vehicles.

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    Another advantage of this product is that it has fast penetration so that the desired results will be felt faster. Its cleaning power is also 3x faster and more effective than other carburetor cleaners and can improve vehicle performance, so this product is often used by automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia. Rexco 81 is available in 500 ml size and can be purchased at the nearest existing stores or can be obtained on our official marketplace or e-commerce.

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