Cycling is a trend among people this time during a pandemic like now. Starting from children to the elderly are now fond of cycling, especially on weekends. Therefore, in this article, the admin will provide tips on how to take care of a bicycle so that it always remains durable and not easily damaged.

Then what to do?

1. Store the bike in a place away from the sun

Leaving the bicycle in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight is something that should not be done because it can cause the bicycle to be damaged quickly, especially when it is directly exposed to rain water because it can cause rust on the iron material. Therefore, keep the bicycle indoors.

2. Check the condition of the bike thoroughly

Checking the bicycle thoroughly is something that must be done often because there are several parts that can be damaged, such as the connection part, especially at the bottom of the handlebar and the bottom bracket. If there is a crack immediately take it to a repair shop and have it repaired by an experienced mechanic.

3. Don’t ride in dirty places

Avoid cycling in a place with a lot of mud or dirty areas, because the impact will make the bike damaged quickly. Try to avoid places or roads with lots of gravel.

4. Use bicycle chain lubricant

This tip is the most important thing because bicycle chains are very susceptible to damage and therefore must be lubricated with chain lubricant. Friends, you can use Rexco 25 lubricant which is useful for preventing chain rust and cleaning the rest of the dirt on the chain.

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