On 18 – 21 November 2019 Rexco held an educational event for vocational students from various cities in Indonesia. The event, which was held in Muara Baru, was aimed at improving students’ competence in the automotive lubricant industry. This activity was attended by several schools, namely SMK Walang Jaya Jakarta, SMK PGRI 1 Serang City, SMK Negeri 1 Cisarua Bandung, and SMK Ganesha Tama Boyolali. “We are happy for the presence of students in our office, the selection of Rexco as a place for industrial visits is a clear proof that Rexco has won the heart and place in the community,” said Tomy, Marketing Manager of Rexco. The event which was held for 4 days was enthusiastically welcomed by the supervising teachers and students who were present, following the series of events from the first day to the end:

1. First Day

On the first day, Rexco received a visit from the Walang Jaya Jakarta Vocational School. The event was started by a speech from a representative from the management of PT Altama Surya Anugerah and continued by a speech from the Principal of the Walang Jaya Vocational School. In the midst of the event, Rexco held a Games activity which at the same time educates about the products of the automotive lubricant industry. The students were also invited to tour the Rexco Warehouse to find out what Rexco products are. This event lasts until 16.00.

2. Second Day

On the second day Rexco received a visit from the SMK PGRI 1 Serang city school. The activities on the 2nd day were not much different from the activities on the first day. The students also after participating in this event received merchandise from Rexco.

3. Third Day

On the third day Rexco received a visit from SMK Negeri 1 Cisarua Bandung. The activities were not much different from the previous days, but the enthusiasm of the students and supervising teachers was extraordinary in this Link and Match event.

4. Fourth day

Di hari terakhir Rexco menerima kunjungan dari sekolah SMK Ganesha Tama Boyolali. Kunjungan terakhir ini merupakan kunjungan dari sekolah terjauh dari yang sebelum-sebelumnya. Antusisme para siswa maupun guru pembimbing sangat luar biasa dalam acara i

On the last day Rexco received a visit from the Ganesha Tama Boyolali Vocational School. This last visit was a visit from the farthest school from the previous one. The enthusiasm of the students and the supervising teachers was extraordinary in this event.