On March 24, 2020 Rexco distributed hand sanitizers for free around the Bandengan area. This program is a tangible manifestation of Rexco to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 and educate the public to always maintain cleanliness. On this occasion, Rexco also invites the public to always wear masks and always maintain physical distancing so that the chain of spreading this virus ends soon.

Therefore, it is very important for cooperation between communities and a high level of discipline to prevent the spread of this virus. Hopefully this hand sanitizer distribution can help a little to people who really need it. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon. Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay at Home. Don’t forget to follow Rexco’s social media too to get updates about our activities or products. If you want to buy Rexco products, you can also buy them on our official marketplace or e-commerce.