Oil Cleaner For Stove

Oil cleaner for stoves is a must-have product for housewives because of its function that can clean  stoves  that are dirty by leftover oil. Stoves that are often used will definitely leave splashes of oil, grease, food residue and others in the stove area. Not only looks dirty and dirty but can also invite disease, you know. It is supposed to keep the kitchen area clean, especially the stove. Now the solution is in Rexco products, namely Rexco 70.

Rexco 70 multi purpose degreaser is a product from Rexco which one of its functions is to clean the remnants of oil or dirt on the stove. Some of the functions and advantages of this product are:

  1. Removes oil, dirt & grease
  2. Shine and protect metal surfaces
  3. Quick and easy to use
  4. Leaves no residue
  5. Clean power 3x faster and more effective
  6. Protects 2x longer

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