Motor Injector Cleaner

Rexco has a product that functions as a motor injector cleaner. If you have a motorcycle with a direct injection system fuel supply, it’s a good idea to carry out regular maintenance so that the motor’s performance remains high. In theory, the combustion process in injection motorcycles still has combustion residues. Therefore, periodic cleaning of the injectors is recommended. The benefit is that the engine is easy to start, clears blockages in the injectors, and improves combustion and engine performance. Now with Rexco products, namely Rexco 81 Carb & Injector Cleaner, Rexco friends can clean motorcycle injectors well.

Some of the functions and advantages of this Rexco 81 are:

  1. Effectively removes dirt, carbon, varnish & gum from carburetor and injection systems
  2. Equipped with anti-corrosion
  3. Reducing vehicle exhaust emissions
  4. Fast penetration
  5. Has a clean power 3x faster & more effective
  6. Improve vehicle performance

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