Bicycle chain lubricant – The popularity of bicycles during this pandemic is trending throughout Indonesia, especially in the DKI Jakarta area. The popularity of this bicycle cannot be separated from this pandemic period because we are required to always maintain a healthy body and one of them is cycling. Therefore, it is very important for those who have bicycles to know how to take care of their bicycles so that they do not get damaged quickly. One of the treatments is to keep the bicycle chain from getting rusty or there are no obstacles that can hinder the bicycle’s performance. Well, here the admin will provide product information that is suitable for caring for your bicycle chain.

Rexco 25 Bicycle Chain Lubricant (Chain Lube)

Rexco 25 ( chain lube ) is one of Rexco’s products, one of which serves as a chain lubricant. Rexco 25 also has many benefits in addition to lubricating chains, namely:

1. Slows down the erosion of the chain

2. Extend chain and gear life

3. Maintain chain performance under high load

4. Protect the chain from rust.

And Rexco 25 (chain lube) has several advantages, namely:

  1. 3x more effective lubrication
  2. 2x more effective adhesion
  3. Anti dust & dirt 2x longer

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