21 September 2019 . Rexco held events for the automotive community, namely journalism courses and free tune ups & oil changes. The event which was organized by Rexco took place at the office of PT Altama Surya Anugerah in Bandengan which is a company of Rexco, Ryu and Tekiro. This event was attended by community friends in Jabodetabek and also media from riders.com. This event is done to bond between fellow communities so that they know each other better and can collaborate if there are events in the future. The journalism course that was conducted was to learn how to write an article based on the knowledge of journalism that is commonly applied.After the coaching clinic, the participants immediately tried to write articles about products from Rexco and articles about this event.

In this event, a demo of Rexco products was also held to introduce the advantages of Rexco products and this demo was carried out by Brand Marketing from Rexco, Tomy Tambrani. The automotive community was very enthusiastic in this event because apart from being able to add knowledge about journalism, the community could also get tune-ups and oil changes for free. In the future, Rexco and the community will hold this event regularly every year to strengthen the relationship between the automotive community.