What distinguishes Rexco with other similar products (brands)?

All of Rexco’s products are planned and produced to work well based on each and every function they have. Also, all of the products are able to give provable solution directly to its user.

Are Rexco’s products safe for health?

Rexco’s products are safe for health as long as being use correctly and according to the instructions stated at the back of the cans / container. We also highly suggest that users to read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which can be downloaded in the website for more info.

How to safekeeping of Rexco’s products?

All products that are stored in cans and in the forms of aerosols are recommended to be kept at room temperature & not exposed to sunlight.

Where can I purchase Rexco products?

You can find Rexco at engineering stores, workshops and several modern market around Indonesia.

How are the prices of Rexco products?

Rexco product’s prices are affordable, so that buyers can get high quality products at the right prices

Can Rexco products be shipped via expedition?

Rexco products can be shipped via land or sea expeditions, however, not recommended to ship through air expedition

How to be a sales agent for Rexco?

Please leave your contact and company address in “contact us” sections in our website, our sales representative will contact you soon.

I wish to purchase Rexco products in large quantity, how can I get in touch the sales departments?

Please leave your contact and company address in “contact us” sections in our website, our sales representative will contact you soon.

How long is Rexco 50 able to protect metals from rust?

The duration of Rexco 50 protection is highly depends on the environment around the metal objects. Metal objects that often exposed to weather and moisture will be easier to get rust than the ones unexposed. According to tests that have been done on metal objects in room temperature and under water, it proved that they can survive from rust for around 1 month with Rexco 50 protection.

What materials are safe to use with Rexco 50?

Based on its function, Rexco 50 is made to use on metal and aluminium objects. However, other materials such as plastic, woods and glass can also use Rexco by testing it firsthand

Can Rexco 50 be used to clean dirt on plastic objects?

Rexco 50 can be used as long as the object is not from PP (Poly Propylene) plastic. We highly suggest testing it first if the object is PP Plastic.

Is Rexco 50 conductive?

It is recommended to use Rexco 50 on machine or electric circuit that have been turned off, left few seconds then turn it on again.

What materials that can be used with Rexco 25?

Basically Rexco 25 can be applied to all materials with chain such as: bicycle, motorbike, machine, chainsaw, etc.

What are the differences between Rexco 25 and Rexco 50?

As High Performance Chain Lube, the main function of Rexco 25 is to lubricate chain on bicycle, motorbike, machine and chainsaw. As for Rexco 50 has various functions such as lubricating, cleaning, protecting, and drive out moistures. Therefore, it is suggested to use Rexco 25 for heavy duty lubrication and Rexco 50 is for light weight lubrication such as for door hinges, wipers, etc.

How to apply Rexco 25 on bicycle / motorbike chain?

How to lubricate chain correctly: cleans chain from dust, dirt, and oil using Rexco 50. Then, tighten the chain because the dirt that fall will give a gap between the chains. Once tightens, spray Rexco 25 evenly on the chains to get maximum result.

Is Rexco 25 easily washed out by water (during motorbike/bicycle cleaning)?

As long as the chain is not cleans using soap, Rexco 25 will not go away even if sprayed by pressure washer.

How often to use Rexco 25 on chains?

The duration of usage is depend on how often the vehicle (motorbike) being used. For example, if you travel 30-50km per day in a week, we highly suggest using Rexco 25 once a week for optimum lubrication & protection.

What distinguishes Rexco 25 with other similar products (brand) in the market?

Chains will look clean using Rexco 25 because of its transparent colour. Rexco 25 is waterproof so more durable in usage; proper fluid viscosity (not too thin and not too thick) makes Rexco 25 hard to lose as the chain moves quickly and is not easily attached to dust & dirt.

What are the functions of Rexco 18?

Rexco 18 main function is to clean electrical devices from dirt, dust and oil.

What are the electrical devices that can be cleaned by Rexco 18?

Electrical panel, motherboard and memory card in computer & other electrical devices at home, vehicles and industries.

What are the steps in using Rexco 18?
  • First: read the instructions on the cans
  • Second: basically Rexco 18 is non-conductive, however it is recommended to use Rexco on electrical devices that have been turned off.
  • Third: it is recommended to spray the product directly into the electrical devices and avoid other supporting parts such as rubber or plastic. In example: when cleaning hand phone that has keypad, it’s better to turn off and open the device first. Avoid to spray directly from outside of the phone because feared to cause damage to the keypad which made of rubber or plastic.
What distinguishes Rexco 18 compare to other brands?

Rexco 18 is a dry type contact cleaner that has 3x more effective cleaning power and 3x faster evaporation compared to other brands and also leaves no residue.

What are the different between dry and wet type contact cleaner?

Dry type contact cleaner evaporates faster and has more enthusiasts. However for wet type, the liquid doesn’t evaporate & dries immediately but slightly wet, thus if the electric devices leak can result to shorted when turned on.

What are the functions of Rexco 70?

Rexco 70 Multi Purpose Degreaser is used for cleaning metal surfaces from oil, grease, dirt & dust.

Where are Rexco 70 can be applied?

Rexco 70 can be used to clean outer part of car & motorbike machine, to clean metal part in industrial machine, to clean metal kitchen appliances and stove in household.

How to use Rexco 70?

Spray evenly on metal surfaces with Rexco 70, and then rub gently with brush or toothbrush. Let stand for a moment & clean with water. Lastly, pat dry using a cloth.

Does Rexco 70 safe for plastic & rubber?

Yes it safe because Rexco 70 is made of water base, so there is no need to cover plastic & rubber part when cleaning metal surfaces.

Does Rexco 70 can cause rust on metal because of its water base?

There is a possibility of rust only if the metal parts are not dried with cloth or wind spray after using Rexco 70. Therefore, for longer protection from rust, spray Rexco 50 Multi Purpose Lubricant on metal after it is dried.

Due to water base, is it possible to use Rexco 70 together with water?

Very possible, indeed we highly suggest to use Rexco 70 with the help of water to make it more efficient.

Does Rexco 70 safe for skin?

Basically Rexco 70 is safe for normal skin. As for sensitive skin, we suggest to use gloves. For more info please check the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of Rexco 70.

Does Rexco 70 safe for electrical?

It is recommended to shut down car or motorbike machine when using Rexco 70 and the metal surfaces are in cold or normal temperature.

What are the functions of Rexco 81?

Rexco 81 is formulated to clean carbon deposits on carburettors, valves and injectors on motors and cars.

How to use Rexco 81 on motors & cars?

The usage of Rexco 81 is quite simple. Open the air filter, turn on the motor and spray Rexco 81 into the intake hole while pressing on the gas pedal.

What are Rexco 81 supremacy compare to other similar products in the market?

Rexco 81 using soft materials while maintaining its cleaning power compare to other brands. Hence, the product is safe for health. But users still have to use as directed at the back of the cans

How often to use Rexco 81 on the vehicles?

It is recommended for motorcycle to use Rexco 81 every 5,000km and every 10,000km for cars.

What are the functions of Rexco 20?

Rexco 20 is a hand cleaner to clean grease, oil and dirt on the hands. Rexco 20 is suitable for technicians and mechanics in industries and workshops.

How to clean hands properly with Rexco 20?

Pour Rexco 20 directly onto hands (2-3 drops, depends on the level of the defilement of the hands). Then rub the hands evenly. After that, clean hands with clean cloth. You can also rinse with water first and wipe with clean cloth.

Does Rexco 20 only use by professionals?

Rexco 20 can be use by everyone who wants to clean hands from oil, grease, dirt as well as liquid asphalt.

What are Rexco 20 advantages compare to other brands?

Rexco 20 is natural based, consist of moisturizer and has scrub so that Rexco 20 is able to remove extreme dirt on hands.