Easy Ways to Clean Motorcycle Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is the most important part in a motor vehicle engine. Cleaning the engine combustion chamber is  important considering the components in it play a very important role in the engine mechanism.

The combustion process is a source of energy for vehicles and whether or not the combustion process is complete will determine the size of the power. The reason is, the components in the combustion chamber will move up and down to perform the suction, compression, combustion and exhaust steps.

Here’s an easy way to clean the engine combustion chamber:

  1. Open the spark plug hole
    This is the first step that can be done before starting to clean the engine combustion chamber.   
  2. Spray cleaning fluid
    The next step is to spray a cleaning fluid called Rexco 81 Carb & Injector Cleaner into the spark plug hole 
  3. Let stand 5-10 minutes
    When it has been sprayed into the spark plug hole and the components in it, the thing to do after that is to wait for 5-10 minutes. The cleaning fluid takes time to break down the scale in the combustion chamber. In the process of  cleaning the combustion chamber  of  this motorcycle , the content of the Rexco 81 Carb & Injector Cleaner fluid reacts to eradicate dirt in the combustion chamber. The plus value of this Rexco 81 Carb & Injector Cleaner is that the scale resulting from the reaction will be in the form of a liquid. So it is very safe for cylinder walls. Because if the reaction keeps the crust solid, it could cause other problems. 
  4. Reinstall the spark plugs
    After the previous steps have been done, then reinstall the spark plugs. Make sure the spark plugs are installed properly. Don’t forget to reconnect the spark plug head to the spark plug, so that electricity can be connected to run the engine. 
  5. Kick starter/crank
    After 5 minutes, start the motor using the kick starter or crank, then open the gas to high compression so that the liquid and dirt gush out of the engine. Don’t be surprised if later the engine will feel heavy and white smoke will come out, it’s because of the combustion and the remnants of the cleaning fluid that are still in the engine room. Don’t worry about these conditions, over time when the combustion process becomes normal again, the white smoke will disappear by itself. So the next step you can play with the gas opening to help the process of  cleaning the combustion chamber of your motorbike  .