Rexco encompass a number of products featuring the highest of quality products. We are always innovating and researching, and we try to answer and find solutions to the problems that our customers have. We create solutions for your problems.

How it was on the beginning

we find that the industry
need a more efficient and reliable solution.

We start to form a solution, to answer the needs of the industry. We find what they need and our formula starts from there, and build up from these problems that exists. We keep trying until we find the exact formula that are able to provide solutions for the industries' need. We have gone through many research and trials, and we assure you that all our products are at the highest quality. We are very proud of our product, that it will stay in the industry for a long time.

We continue to create and have a dedicated research and development team, that continues to work and find new solutions.

Currently, we have three products that we are very proud to bring to the market, but this will not be the only products we work on, there are always problems that arise, and we always be there to tackle them and find solutions for them. When there's a problem in the MRO industry, be sure that we are already working on it to find a new and more efficient solution for them.

We provide simple
solutions to make life easier

We create an industrial and factory grade products that are able to be used by anyone.

Our products are mainly used by the MRO industry, but they are all able to be used by personal uses. Our products are very simple to use, that anyone can use, from professionals to hobbyist and enthusiasts. We believe we are able to cater to all levels of users, from a big variety of industries and factories to even personal use. The application to our products are endless.

Even for daily life problems, Rexco are able to help, there are endless possibilities that our products can be used for. Our customers always find new applications in our products.

We guarantee you that our products are kept at the highest quality, and it will give the solutions for all your problems. Our products have been used for a so many applications, and users have never switched after using our products. We can not hold you to trust words, but if you are still questioning and having doubts, we are always ready to assist you and answers all your questions. We are ready to prove our words.

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