We manufacture specialty chemicals of quality for maintenance, repair and overhaul applications. Rexco helps you make it easy to build, repair, service and catered to your projects. Take control of your work, and let Rexco do the Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting.


We create
solutions for your problems

We cater to the needs of industrial plants and factories, our formula are specially formulated based on this needs.

Rexco covers all the needs of our customers. It has been proven effective and efficient, which have helped them achieve the highest performing standards. Our products have met the needs of many in the maintenance, repair and overhaul industries. Yet, it is still friendly to use for personal usage.

Our line of products go through extensive testing in the harshest of environments. We strongly believe it will cater to all of our customers, and we are proud of our formula, that it has been proven here in Indonesia, with a variety of big factories and industries to put their trust in using our products..

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We promise
our products works above your expectations.

Rexco has been used by a variety of industries and factories, to even hobbyist and profesionals.

Rexco have facilities for production, research and customer service that we are proud of, and our extensive product range is being recognized in many segments of the maintenance, repair and operations or overhaul (MRO) application industries.

Whatever your requirements, Rexco offers the highest quality product to meet most maintenance, repair, operations or overhaul applications. Meeting the needs of customers with high performance and reliable products are our objective.